Your personalized program needs to be realistic and achievable, aligned with your individual goals, and attuned to your health needs. That’s why we provide so many tools to support you in your accomplishment. From an app and online workouts to our newly published book by John Winters, available now, there are options to fit any budget and any lifestyle as we help you improve your quality of life, your way.

personal training by john winters
Consistent Persistence by John Winters

Consistent Persistence

A Healthier Life by Changing your Goals and Mindset.
By John Winters

If you are tired of trying all the diet plans and frustrated with the newest exercise trend, Consistent Persistence by John Winters is the book for you!

The NEW Lifestyle Performance Training App

Our new app makes it even easier to take advantage of our services for full-body fitness.

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Weight Management and the Holidays

Weight Management and the Holidays

As we approach the holiday season remember to take the time for yourself and your health. With the end of the year here we all have additional commitments in the form of get togethers with family and friends, end of semester functions for the kids, and many more. With...



Most people recognize momentum as a physical force. However, very few recognize momentum as a mental force as well. As you may be familiar with Newton’s Law of physics that states that an object will stay at rest or in motion unless acted upon by a greater outside...

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