The Importance of Health Maintenance for Millennials

Being a supposed Millennial myself and making a number of observations in my work within the healthcare and health and fitness  industries, I have realized that health maintenance may be even more vital of a lifestyle focus than for the prior generations. There are many reasons and variables that play into this and I hope […]

Weight Management and the Holidays

As we approach the holiday season remember to take the time for yourself and your health. With the end of the year here we all have additional commitments in the form of get togethers  with family and friends, end of semester functions for the kids, and many more. With all these events happening it is […]


Most people recognize momentum as a physical force. However, very few recognize momentum as a mental force as well. As you may be familiar with Newton’s Law of physics that states that an object will stay at rest or in motion unless acted upon by a greater outside force. Mental momentum can be viewed as […]

Ways to Track Progress for Weight Loss part II

As discussed before, instead of just tracking your weight during a program you can also track your body fat percentage and take circumference measurements, but these aren’t the only ways to keep track of your progress either. A way to track progress similar to taking circumference measurements is to monitor how your clothes are fitting. […]

Ways to Track Progress for Weight Loss part I

When trying to achieve a weight loss goal our lives tend to end up revolving around what that number on the scale says. Unfortunately that number can seem to barely change and can lead to frustration and often abandonment of our weight loss goal.  However, that number on the scale is just one of five […]

Food Journaling for Weight Loss

Keeping a food journal is probably one of the most effective tools to help with weight loss that most of us either avoid or ignore.  While yes it may take a little more time to keep one and it is something else carried around during the day, the benefits are quite helpful. Even just writing […]

Exercise For Life

Most people know they should exercise but many have no idea why.  Maintaining full mobility, better brain function with age, and increased self confidence are just a few of the great benefits one can gain by making exercise part of a lifestyle. The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) recommends exercise at least 150 minutes […]

Halloween Eating Tips for Weight Management

Halloween is now upon us, but before you go out to haunt or while you are waiting for little ghosts and ghouls to knock on your door here are some things to keep in mind. We all know how tempting it is to sneak some candy while waiting for trick or treaters. If you want […]

Organic Vs. Conventional

                A study came out recently comparing organic foods to current conventional foods. The media has chosen to put the focus on the findings that both had similar levels of nutrients found in the tested food. While this is an important finding in the comparison of the two, there were other findings in the study […]

Coordinating Training Goals

“I have to be able to run for ROTC, but I also want/need to keep up my leg and core strength. When doing squats, should I go heavy enough to use a belt, or just work up to a good weight I can handle without a belt and work with that?”               Many people […]