Personal Training

Sometimes it’s a huge step and a great accomplishment just to come through the door.

Our Tempe Personal Trainers begin with today’s truth and work to change what is true. Imagine turning your apprehension into anticipation so you can be your healthiest version of you and enjoy the life you envision.

With Lifestyle Performance Training, you will accomplish your goals through:

1:1 Personal Training Sessions

Trust is built upon truth and proven circumstance. That’s why as your personal trainers, we train with an expectation…an agreement of active participation by both of us…to make you better. You and your personal trainer will build trust as you work through your custom process and program, learn the order of things, and come to depend upon one another for what you bring to each session and the relationship.

We want to improve your quality of life by enhancing your lifestyle one session at a time:
Whether you want weight loss, increased strength and muscle tone, improved flexibility and balance, faster speed, more agility, enhanced quickness, or heightened athleticism, your goal becomes our mission.

You see, we know that any trainer can help with a quick fix, but a good personal trainer will help you do the work to achieve optimal performance. We accomplish this by training your body and coaching your mind. We are not a fit for everyone but we might be just the right fit for you.

If you’ve got the will, we’ll show you the way.

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Our Tempe personal training programs are designed to help you burn a ton of calories during (and in between) sessions to optimize your metabolic output. This means a minimal calorie deficit is needed so you never feel deprived and you are in control of what you choose to eat. These changes become habits that help keep what you accomplish with us sustainable for the long term. 

To change your body, we may also need to change your mind, so we work with you to personalize a program that is realistic and achievable, aligned with your individual goals and attuned to your health needs. That’s why all of our programs include Lifestyle Health and Nutrition Coaching based around your current habits. 

Health Coaching

When you train with Lifestyle Performance Training, we will tell you what you need to hear, even if it’s not what you want to hear. We don’t just teach and train this lifestyle, we live it.

We want to help get you to where your body can do what you want it to do, so you can do what you want to do with your body!

Nutrition Counseling

Nutritional Counseling puts you in control of your choices. We don’t do cookie-cutter models so we don’t do meal plans. We want you learn more so you can live better.

Lifestyle Performance Training is a private personal training studio located in Tempe, AZ.

It is your personal trainer and health coach, all in one, training your body to fit your life! We offer individualized programs to support and sustain the lifestyle you want, not necessarily the one you have now.

Your session is only for you. Privacy, individualized attention, consideration for both your body and your mind, and a personalized plan for sustainable support is designed to Improve physical performance so you enjoy the life you want to live.

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Lifestyle Performance Training is a personal training studio in Tempe, AZ.

It is your Tempe personal trainer, health coach, and nutrition counselor, all in one.

Lifestyle Performance Training Health Club LLC BBB Business Review

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