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Your personalized program needs to be realistic and achievable, aligned with your individual goals, and attuned to your health needs. That’s why we provide so many tools to support you in your accomplishment. From a training app and online workouts to our newly published book, available now, there are options to fit any budget and any lifestyle as we help you improve your quality of life, your way.

The NEW Lifestyle Performance Training App

Our new app makes it even easier to take advantage of our services for full-body fitness.

Because we combine personal training, health coaching, and nutrition counseling as needed for our clients, it only made sense to provide it all in an easily accessible tool that goes wherever you do!

The app includes customized workout programs with instructional videos, along with customized calorie and macro recommendations based on your goals, body type, and day-to-day activity. The app also contains a calorie tracking journal you can share with your trainer.

In addition, your online trainer is available to answer your questions through direct chat and help you through challenges along the way. You can even upgrade for live scheduled sessions through video chat.

Online Training Features:

  • Full access to our video library of workouts, along with custom built workouts made by your trainer specifically for your goals and needs. Each exercise includes a how-to video!

  • Workouts can be done anywhere. Let your trainer know what equipment access you have and your workout can customized. We can build around the gym-quality equipment or no equipment or bodyweight alone!

  • Nutrition coaching can include a calculated calorie goal based upon your body and lifestyle, along with recommended Macro balance.
  • Meal plan with different meal options to choose from, along with an in-app meal and calorie tracker so you can choose whatever you wish to eat and meet your calorie goals!
  • Direct messaging with your trainer about any program questions or challenges directly within the app!

How This App Can Help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals:

  • Accountability: Help keep the commitment to your workout frequency because your trainer will check in to see why you haven’t completed them, if you haven’t. Using the calorie tracking in the app, your trainer can see what your level of success has been, and can immediately step in to help, if you’re struggling.
  • Knowledge: You will always know what you should do for your workout or how many calories you should consume to meet your goals.
  • Motivation: It’s hard to stay focused after a couple obstacles or setbacks. Having your trainer in your pocket makes it easier to game plan for better success with our direct messaging feature.
  • Support: Never guess at what you should change in your program. Plateaus happen, but having a trainer building your workouts assures that your program is always progressing, rather than stagnating. We work to keep your interest and your progress. Plus, we are always adding new exercises to the video library if you want to try something on your own!
  • Ease of Use: You can sync with many other fitness apps and tools so you can keep using the apps and tools you love to use, but now have direct monitoring and guidance with your personal trainer to assure success with your goals.

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