Nov 3, 2014 | Goals & Motivation

Most people recognize momentum as a physical force. However, very few recognize momentum as a mental force as well.

As you may be familiar with Newton’s Law of physics that states that an object will stay at rest or in motion unless acted upon by a greater outside force. Mental momentum can be viewed as an internal force in these terms where the objects is you.

When it comes to creating changes in our lives or just simply pushing ourselves to reach new peaks in performance, our mental momentum is key to being successful.  If you’ve ever had a desire to do something but told yourself multiple reasons why it won’t work, then you know about mental momentum.  It is a force that can either keep us in place and stop us from moving forward or it can drive us to accomplish bigger and better things.

The key is getting your mental momentum to work for you. Focusing on positive self talk rather than negative put downs is one way. Instead of concentrating on why you can’t or won’t do something, identify the benefits of doing it. When it comes to performance visualize yourself being successful instead of failing. If you can’t see yourself doing it, you can’t expect to be able to successful.

Remember too many people will tell you that you can’t, there’s no reason for you to waist energy doing it too.