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W. J.

My first training went really well and John made working out at the gym fun…  John has had years of college education on muscles physiology and years of personal training.   He is a strong believer of having a strong core muscle and most of his work out will incorporate the core so matter what muscles you are focusing that day…  I have learn so much… He enjoys training and takes it serous and we probably had over hundred training sessions and he is always on time and you know if you have a training session that day  it will happen…  I work out with John for years and he constantly changes up the work out and he has and endless encyclopedia knowledge of different work outs.  He makes sure perform the workout correctly …  I never got hurt or injured from any of the work out and he  makes sure you use proper form.  I am in better health now than ten years ago.  From being in better health, I don’t get sick as often.  I can go years without catching a cold…  I am going to keep working out because I perform better in work and I have more energy than most people in their twenties.  The hour or so I spend at the gym help me get more energy out side of the gym and end able to do more recreational activities.

William E.

John knows what he’s doing and he will get you in the shape you need to be! He’s really good at teaching & explaining things as well as keeping you motivated along the way. Even though I’m young & naturally athletic, he helped me take my physical fitness to the next level & get into the best shape of my life. I have the utmost confidence that he can help you with your own goals whatever they may be. Would definitely recommend.

Cathy M.

I am so excited to share my experiences with L.P.T. John Winters. He is a fantastic coach, very professional and supportive. He has the unique ability to explain things in a way that is understandable and makes complete sense. I have worked with John for two months on the nutrition part of my goals and have learned things about food, nutrition and health that I was not able to “get” in my 40 adult years of cooking and living. We are now beginning the physical part of my goals and I am very excited. I enthusiastically encourage anyone who wants to improve their health to work with John


I wanted to thank you for helping me love the gym, instead of dreading it. I started my journey at 253 pounds at 5’8″ with a 52 inch waistline. I now fit back into my 34’s and am still losing weight every week with a new cardio regiment. Even though I only had a couple sessions with you…, it kick started my new hobby, and it’s because I had a good trainer that I was able to stick with it.So thanks man….saved a life, cuz I was in BAD shape.

Lauren R.

John was a personal trainer and worked with me for me a year as I prepared for my wedding. I don’t know if I can offer him enough praise; he was awesome to work with! First and foremost, he is very knowledgeable in his field and completely professional. In addition, his amiable personality helps create a positive workout environment. There were admittedly sessions where I thought he was asking me to do the impossible, but the reality is that he was only pushing me to do what I was capable of. It felt great to exceed the goals I had of myself and rise to his expectations. I’d highly recommend John and his expertise to any of my friends.

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