Does My Nutrition Plan Have Everything That I Need?

“If I am eating a nutrition plan from a magazine I read, how do I know I am really getting everything I need nutritionally?”   This is a great question that I actually get a lot. Magazines are under pressure to have articles that are new and different each month and having the latest nutrition […]

Controlling Our Emotions in Social Interactions

Our question this week is “What is the best way for me to handle someone who is pushing my buttons, even bullying me? How can I stay grounded and not get sucked in?”   This article is going to approach this question from the perspective that these interactions are with someone you either want to […]

Eating Out and Weight Loss

Ideally when trying to lose weight all of our meals would be made at home and under our complete control. Unfortunately, the reality is that life often forces us to eat outside of our typical control zones. Whether it’s a business luncheon, a social gathering, or just simply that last minute grab between work and […]

The Power Of Choice

When it comes to making a lifestyle change; be it quitting smoking, starting an exercise plan, making healthy nutritional choices, etc. Changing our current habits within our lives is an important component to address in order to be successful. Most of the things we do during the day are part of a habit or routine […]

Goal Setting and Result Tracking for Resolutions

The first month of the New year is almost over, and that brings the time that many of us start to question the goals and resolutions we set for ourselves.  Before anyone throws in the towel, I would like to offer some thoughts and suggestion that may help. While big goals are awesome to set […]

Welcome Everyone

Welcome everyone to the new website and blog for Lifestyle Performance Training. The blog articles in this site are intended to do one or more of the following; provide information and tools for various areas of health and wellbeing, thought provoking discussion on topics and issues related to health and wellbeing, and discussion of new […]